Meet Tenley and Mike...
Tenley is the namesake of the Tenley Foundation.  A local nonprofit organization set up to help kids and their families deal with the costs of fighting cancer.
Mike is a cancer survivor and ultra-runner.  He is running across the state of Idaho to help raise funds for the Tenley Foundation. 
Check out his website at www.mikesextramile.blogspot.com 
Follow his run on facebook by liking his page: Mike's Extra Mile
He will be running approximately 50 MILES PER DAY for 9 days to accomplish his goal:
 Day 1 - June 8: Fruitland to New Plymouth to Emmett
Day 2 - June 9: Emmett to Horshoe to Banks to Garden Valley to Loman
Day 3 - June 10: Loman to Stanley
Day 4 - June 11: Stanley to Challis
Day 5 - June 12: Challis halfway to Mackay Resevoir
Day 6 - June 13: Challis to Mackay Reservoir second half
Day 7 - June 14: Mackay Resevoir to Arco
Day 8 - June 15: Arco to Idaho Falls
Day 9 - June 16: Idaho Falls to Swan Valley
Day 10 - June 17: Swan Valley to Victor
You can help us support Mike by:
Sharing his website with your family and friends
Cheering for Mike on his run if you live near any of those areas
Sharing his story with your local news teams
Clicking the donate button on the top right to support local kids fighting cancer
Thank You!
When you don't feel like you can go anymore, think of us and

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