Many many thanks to the Idaho PTA!!  Our very own hero Mike spoke at their state PTA convention about his run across Idaho for the Tenley Foundation.  
 He did a great job! 
 We wish the whole state of Idaho could have laughed and cried
with us as we heard about what it was like to run
435 miles in 10 days.
 If you missed the news story about Mike and Tenley you can see it HERE
 Tenley and her mom and dad at the State PTA Convention dinner
We would like to especially thank Mary Kae Ryner for making PENNY WARS happen! 
 Our local schools had a fantastic time raising money that will help kids who fight cancer. 
When Tenley was asked to say a few words she simply said,
"I couldn't be happier!"
Mike with fellow cancer fighters Tenley and Tyson
after they helped him finish his 50.7 mile run that day.
Could you imagine running 25-50 miles per day for
10 days straight???
Mike talked about having to dig deeper into his soul to keep
running than he ever had in his life. 
Thinking about the kids fighting cancer helped him fight the
 exhaustion and push through the pain.
At the finish line with cancer buddies Cooper, Tenley, and Paige.
To see more about Mike's run across Idaho visit his blog HERE
A thousand thank yous from these kids and the kids who we haven't met yet who will benefit from your amazing journey